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$49 /yr
$99 after one year
$399 /yr
$499 after one year
  • $99 annual fee reduced to just $49 for the first year. Maybe the best deal in the travel industry!
  • Earn Cash-Back bonuses for all eligible travel booked for your family at MemberTravel. Yearly bonuses can add hundreds of dollars in extra value.
  • The perfect and inexpensive option for individuals and families. You don’t have to be a big corporation to take advantage of member benefits.
  • All Cash-Back award checks will be sent to the family member who books and pays for the travel.

  • $499 annual fee reduced to just $399 for the first year. Try it! We know you are going to love it.
  • Earn Cash-Back bonuses for all eligible corporate and employee travel booked at MemberTravel and purchased on a corporate or business owner’s credit card.
  • The business must have 5 – 80 employees or partners. (Membership costs are higher for companies with more than 80 employees)
  • All Cash-Back award checks will be consolidated and sent to the person listed as the corporate designee.

Personal Member Attributes
Corporate Member Attributes
Takes at least one trip per year spending a minimum of $1,000 on hotels or $1500 on a cruise. Corporate travel expenditures of at least $1,000 per month for hotels, cruises, car rentals, and other forms of travel.
Usually has a pretty good idea of where they want to go and the types of properties they like to stay at. All travel is paid by the company and on the corporate credit card or credit card of the business owner.
Members often research destinations online, but want the experience of a professional and the knowledge of an expert when it is time to actually book. Prefers the convenience of using a Personal Travel Expert instead of wasting valuable employee time on something they are not trained to do.
Prefers four and five-star properties (where MemberTravel has negotiated the best deals). Hotel travel is mostly at four and five-star properties (where MemberTravel has negotiated the best deals).
Many members prefer suites, connecting rooms for families, or other deluxe accommodations. Most travel requests are time and location specific to meet various business requirements.
Members are often time challenged, so they place an extremely high value on their vacations. Extra amenities and special touches are extremely appreciated due to the nature of business travel.

Member Benefits

Cash-Back on Most Travel!

For most members, the cash-back will far exceed the cost of membership! Learn more

Waiver of Agency Service/Booking Fees

Savings of $100 – $2,000 per booking! Most agencies that specialize in moderate and upscale travel must charge service and booking fees to stay in business. MemberTravel clients do not pay service and booking fees.* (Some exceptions apply.)

Personal Service

A real live luxury travel coordinator. You do not have to book online, participate in auctions or be a computer wiz. We are happy to talk with you on the phone! Of course, we also embrace technology and e-mail you copies of your tickets, etc.

Exclusive Hotel Amenities

Available at most luxury properties (early check-in and late check-out, upgrades, free breakfasts, and more.) We can book almost any hotel with rates competitive to those found on the Internet, but our best deals are on four and five-star properties where we have exclusive member benefits. Learn more

Cruise Amenities

Cruise amenities on many cruise lines including exclusive discounts, shipboard credits, shore excursions, and more. We can also arrange business meetings at sea, conferences, and corporate ship charters. Learn more

Tour Companies and Packages

When booking as a package, members receive discounted air, car rental and hotel rates. For most tours, the air portion counts toward your cash-back incentive. Learn more

Sky’s The Limit

MemberTravel representatives worldwide who can assist in custom-tailoring a trip for once-in-a-lifetime adventures and experiences. Want to dance with the Rockettes in New York or have an island to yourself in the South Pacific? Almost anything is possible!


Earn More by Referring Your Friends and Relatives

  • Use social media or simply tell people about MemberTravel.
  • Ask them to provide your name and membership number when they join.
  • Receive a $10 bonus per member!

Why wouldn’t you join?

If you value service and extra amenities, you are going to appreciate the incredible value of a MemberTravel membership.

There is essentially no risk. Try it for 90 days. If you don’t feel you are getting a terrific value, we will cheerfully refund your membership fee.

Personal and corporate memberships earn the same great rewards, including our exclusive Cash Back incentive.

Families enjoying upgraded service and amenities will earn back the cost of membership with just one qualifying trip of $2,500!

Perhaps your business isn’t big enough to justify the expense of your own corporate travel department? Now that MemberTravel has entered the corporate travel market, you probably wouldn’t want one anyway! We offer a much more convenient way to book your trips and reduce corporate travel expenses. You and your employees enjoy VIP treatment and extra amenities at fine hotels worldwide. The complimentary breakfasts and room upgrades at many top hotels that can be valued at up to $250 a day.

It’s simply good business and common sense – cash-back, personal service, better accommodations with upgrades and amenities, and a no-risk membership guarantee. MEMBERS GET IT ALL!

Q: What if my employees purchase their travel separately and pay with their own credit cards?

A: They will require their own personal memberships. You can provide personal memberships for your employees that serve as an excellent company benefit. Because of your generosity, they will receive cash-back checks for all their travel. If a business purchases personal memberships for 8 or more of its employees, the membership fees are reduced 20%.

About Cash Back

Cash-Back is based only on travel that is commissionable to the agency. The tax portion of travel arrangements does not qualify. Checks are sent to clients whose travel reservation totals at least $1,000. Airline travel is often excluded from this program because commission is rarely earned on air travel. However, airline travel booked in conjunction with tour and wholesaler packages, and certain business and first class air tickets usually will be eligible for cash-back. Most other forms of travel including hotels, cruises, tours, villa rentals and private air are almost always eligible for cash-back. Your Personal Travel Expert will be happy to advise you of the net amount of your trip that is eligible for the cash-back program. Checks are sent out after commission payment is received from travel supplier, usually within 30 – 90 days after completion of trip. Annual bonus payments are sent out within 60 days of membership anniversary.

Trip Cost Cash Back
$1,000 – $2,499 $25   Check Sent to Member
$2,500 – $4,999 $50   Check Sent to Member
$5,000 – $7,499 $100 Check Sent to Member
$7,500 – $9,999 $150 Check Sent to Member
$10,000 – $12,499 $200 Check Sent to Member
$12,500 – $14,999 $250 Check Sent to Member
$15,000 – $17,499 $300 Check Sent to Member
$17,500 – $19,099 $350 Check Sent to Member
$20,000 – $22,499 $400 Check Sent to Member
$23,000 and over $500 Check Sent to Member
Yearly Bonus for All Trips Combined
$10,000 in eligible travel during year – $75
$20,000 in eligible travel during year – $200
$50,000 in eligible travel during year – $500

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