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MemberTravel personal luxury agents are truly happy to talk with members on the phone or via e-mail. After you join, you receive private members-only contact information. We care about your individual likes and dislikes so we create a personal profile that includes YOUR preferences. True service means personalization!

Real People Vs. Computer

If you book mostly luxury and moderate travel, your trips should not be treated like a commodity. Your vacation is worth more than a mouse click. MemberTravel is 180 degrees different than huge impersonal Internet booking sites.

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If you are currently booking direct with hotels and cruise lines, or if you book your travel online, you’re probably ready for a service upgrade! MemberTravel is perfect for upscale family vacations, resorts in paradise, honeymoon travel and corporate and business travel. It is especially ideal if you have a pretty good idea of where and when you want to go.

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Not a crazy travel scam that promises agent benefits or free travel. MemberTravel is a legitimate luxury travel club where members get cash back, excellent rates, and the best service and benefits.

Names You Trust

MemberTravel was founded by Tony and Kristy Adler. Their highly successful travel industry careers are directly linked to their integrity and keen understanding of service. Read their story here.

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